Pothos– Epipremnum aureum

'Marble Queen' Pothos


  • Keep this plant evenly moist.
  • It will react to too much or too little water by developing yellowing leaves
  • If kept too wet, it will develop root rot and parts of the plant may collapse


  • This plant can take quite low light levels
  • The plant will lose its variegation in too low light
  • If you would like the variegation to stay or come back after fading, move into a brighter light situation
  • Low to medium bright light. North, east, or west window is perfect
  • This plant will become a lengthy vine and can be used to frame windows or circle a room


  • Fertilize from March -September while the plant is actively growing (Depends on where you live)
  • I never use the fertilizer at the full strength it calls for on the package. I usually use 1/2 strength
  • Use 1/4 strength every time you water if that is more convenient

Additional Care

  • The stems of the pothos will become long vines. They can be trained to cover a trellis or frame a window.
  • Those long vines can become “straggly” and lose leaves leaving a bare stem.
  • If you want to keep your pothos full, cut some of the stems back to the soil line and they will resprout from there
  • Use the cut stems to propagate more plants, either in water or moist potting medium

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