Fiddle leaf Fig –Ficus lyrata


  • This plant does not want to dry out completely, nor should it be left standing in water.
  • It will react by dropping leaves if allowed to become too dry.
  • If you have it in a large pot, use a dowel or stick to test the soil. Stick the dowel down into the pot, leave it there for a few minutes and then pull it out and check the bottom of the dowel. If it is wet, don’t water, if it dry, water it thoroughly until water runs out the drainage hole.


  • The fiddle leaf fig needs bright light.
  • Direct sun at some part of the day would be best.
  • An east, west, or south window will work.


  •  Fertilize your plant every 4th watering with a balanced fertilizer using 1/4-1/2 strength, March -September or when it is actively growing, depending on where you live.

Additional Care

  • Clean the large leaves often with a damp cloth or sponge or wash it off in the shower
  • A sponge with water is all that is needed. Do not use leaf shine or any type of other product.
  • Turn your plant to make sure it gets light on all sides

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