Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen)

'Wintry Winehouse' Aglaonema


  • Evenly moist — not too dry or too wet
  • If it’s dry down to your second knuckle, thoroughly water. Allow water to run through until it comes out of drainage hole.
  • Do not allow plant to stand in excess water
  • Empty saucer after 30 minutes (if needed)


  • Known for being a low-light plant
  • Mostly-green varieties will do fine in north- or east-facing windows, or a few feet back from a west-facing window
  • Colorful varieties will do best in medium light. An east- or west-facing window is best.
  • Mine prefer being a couple feet from a west-facing window as the afternoon sun is a bit harsh for them


  • Fertilize every fourth watering (approx. once per month)
  • I live in the northern United States and only fertilize from March through September
  • Use a balanced fertilizer
  • I use a water-soluble 20-20-20
  • I use one-third to one-half the amount recommended on the packaging for houseplants

Additional Care

  • Aglaonemas can become a bit leggy after a few years. You can renew them by cutting the stems down to the soil line and allowing them to resprout.
  • The cuttings can then be either rooted in water or stuck back in with the plant to root.
  • I would not cut all the stems down at one time so that the other stems can feed the plant while it is resprouting.
  • After one resprouts, cut another one down.

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