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I’m Lisa Eldred Steinkopf and The Houseplant Guru. Let’s talk about houseplants!

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I started The Houseplant Guru back in 2011 because I love houseplants and I love to write. Sharing knowledge about plants brings me so much joy, and I’m thrilled to share with you. 

At The Houseplant Guru, you’ll find practical tips, tools, and advice that will help you find success with your plants, no matter your situation. 

On the blog, I cover everything from common myths to best practices that help you nurture and grow healthy, thriving houseplants. Let’s get started!

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I’m Lisa Eldred Steinkopf

I’m Lisa Eldred Steinkopf, The Houseplant Guru! I’m a blogger, freelance writer, and houseplant enthusiast. I love taking care of my own plants, and teaching others to take care of theirs.

If you love plants, want to know more, or are just looking to keep your houseplant plant alive, you’re in the right place!

I’ve been published all over the web! Keep an eye out for my articles on:


Michigan Gardner Magazine

Michigan Gardening Magazine 

Real Simple Magazine

I’ve also held live speaking events with garden clubs, garden groups, garden centers, and garden shows:

Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association Conference

Chicago Flower & Garden Show

I’d love to speak to your group, too! See below for my list of presentations and booking details.

My Favorites

These are my all-time favorite posts from the blog!

Presentation Topics

I’d love to speak at your event! I’ll deliver a 45-60 minute presentation on any of the following topics:

Houseplants 101

This presentation concentrates on the care and cultivation of indoor plants: pests, diseases, soils, and fertilization. This talk caters to the beginner but is also suitable for those with more experience.

African Violets: Care & Cultivation

African violets aren’t as fussy as we have been led to believe. This presentation will dispel this myth and help keep your violets happy, healthy and blooming. Learn the best time to re-pot them, trim them and grow them under lights.

Succulents 101

Succulents are the new rage in plants! Learn the basic care of succulents – including the correct soil to use, watering basics and propagation.

Terrariums: Tiny Worlds Under Glass

Terrariums have made a comeback! What’s old is new again. Finding the right plants and accessories can be a challenge. Let me show you how to create a world under glass using the correct plants and fun accessories.


Shaping plants into fanciful shapes is fun and exciting. This program will cover the basics using plants to make animals, geometric shapes and more and the best plants to use for success.

Contained Tropicals in the Heartland

Houseplants aren’t just for the house. They can be used as the “Thrillers, Spillers, and Fillers” in your summer containers. Learn the best ones to use and what’s available at your local garden centers.

Festive Flowers and Foliage

We all have received plants at the holidays at one time or another and usually have no clue what to do with them. This program will help you learn to take care of any holiday plants you’ve been gifted. Poinsettias, cyclamen, amaryllis, and Christmas cactus are just some of the plants that will be highlighted.


This program will introduce you to the wonderful world of bromeliads concentrating on the air plants or tillandsias.

The Facts of Light

There is a plant for every spot in your home. Learn about plants for different light levels and trouble spots in your home.

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