Have you Been to The Brooklyn Botanic Garden? It Is Wonderful!

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Have you been to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden? I went this past weekend while visiting New York and it was wonderful. Of course, not much was happening outside in January and I would like to revisit that. There were some snowdrops and forsythia blooming, but that was all as it was cold. The conservatories were warm and inviting, though.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Conservatory History

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden opened in 1911. The Olmsted brothers were the landscape designers. In 1988 the Steinhardt Conservatory opened its doors. It is beautiful and was I thrilled to enter the doors, especially in the dead of winter.

I visit every conservatory I can when I travel and I had never been to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. This blog post is primarily pictures and I hope you enjoy this visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden conservatory with me. I love the green color of the conservatory as they are often white or silver.

The Bonsai Museum

The bonsai plants were huge (comparatively speaking) and the building they are housed in is unheated. Or at least it felt like it. I love that they call it a museum. These plants are old.

It was strange to see camellias blooming in January. Their flowers were large but seemed to fit the size of the tiny trees.

Special Exibit of Paintings

There was a special exhibit of bird paintings by Eva Melady. They were beautiful. I love birds and would hang any of these in my home.

Flowers at the Brookly Botanic Garden

There were flowers blooming in each specialized room in the conservatory. Each room had its own climate and flowers.

Aquatic House at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The aquatic pavilion was my favorite because I love ferns. What does that have to do with aquatics? I thought the same thing but those ferns were loving the humidity provided by the ponds. There were also orchids hanging from the ceiling and many were in bloom. But first, the ferns. From the pictures it is hard to tell how large these ferns were.

And then the orchids. The most impressive orchid is the Tiger orchid or Grammatophyllum speciosum. I had no idea it was an orchid until I read the plaque. It weighs over 300 pounds!

The tiger orchid pictures are below.


The Desert Pavilion

Other plants at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

There was so much to see, and I want to show you the plants that I noticed because they were so unusual. Read the captions to find the plant names. If I couldn’t find one, then it will be blank.

I didn’t want to get kicked out for rummaging through the beds of plants to find the tags. That is always tempting for me. Is it for you?

How about this Zombi palm ( Zombia antillarum) below? Isn’t that amazing? It’s leaf sheaths appear to be woven.

I hope you enjoyed this walk through of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden conservatories. I always love finding conservatories where I travel and visiting them. There are always new plants to see and flowers blooming. It is the best in the winter.

Have a great week!


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