Do You Have Plants That You Are Thankful For? I Do.

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It’s that time of the year. We all sit back and reflect on what we are thankful for. We really should do this everyday and some do. This may seem weird, but do you have plants that you are thankful for? I do.

Thankful for plants Mom’s Fern

This fern below is the plant I am most thankful for and it makes me happy. My mom took care of this fern for almost 60 years before it came to live with me. I see it when I head down the stairway each morning and it makes me think of mom, whom I lost in 2020.

Here is a picture of mom’s fern this week here in my house August 2021

Thankful for Grandma’s African violets

My grandma loved African violets and the picture below was her kitchen windowsill. She loved them, took good care of them, and they thrived on her east windowsill over the kitchen sink. They were receiving the right light and the humidity they love.

African violets on windowsill
My grandma’s violets on her East window sill

Thankful for My Violets

I’m thankful for and love my African violets.

They bring back memories of grandma every time I tend to them. I can picture her testing the soil moisture with her finger and placing leaves in baby jars full of water with aluminum foil lids.

She would be so amazed at the colors of the flowers and foliage available today.

Thankful for Orchids

I’m thankful for the many orchids I have.

Most are phalaenopsis, or moth orchids and these are easy plants that anyone can grow and get to bloom. They don’t need as much light as one would think since it is a blooming plant.

An unobstructed east or west window will be sufficient light. If they are watered consistently, re-potted every other year, and given good light, they will send out blooms in the spring.

You can also buy a new plant almost any time of the year in full bloom. If you want to treat them like a cut flower bouquet and compost them after the flowers fall, that’s fine, too.

Other Orchids

I have other orchids as well, that are easy to grow and bloom.

These two orchids below are terrestrial orchids unlike most orchids, which are epiphytes. The jewel orchids not only bloom but have beautiful iridescent foliage. The one below is Ludisia discolor.

Thankful for Holiday Cacti

Though these only bloom for a short time each year, I love Thanksgiving and Christmas cacti (Schlumbergera). They bloom at the time of year which brings out all the thankful feelings.

These beautiful jungle cacti can bloom every year with minimal care and I am thankful for that. Give them bright light like a west window where I keep mine.

When watering your cactus, turn it 1/4 turn each time. This ensures the plant blooms on all sides of the plant. When the cool, short days of fall come, they wake up and bloom.

I look forward to it with excitement every year!

Thankful for Hoyas

Hoyas are one of my favorite groups of plants. They flower often and I am thankful not only for the beauty of their flowers but the aroma they add to the house.

The Hoya pubicalyx on the left below releases its aroma in the evening and the whole house fills with its beautiful scent.

I love all plants and am thankful I can grow and care for them. I’m especially thankful for the blooming plants that add so much beauty and often scent to our home. Which plants are you most thankful for? Tell me in the comments.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and week, plant friends.


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  1. Gail

    I am thankful for my Mom’s Thanksgiving cacti! Her favorite color was peach, and its peach! Her recent passing makes it even more special this year!

    I’m thankful for the agapanthus that I received from a client a couple years ago, it had gotten huge. I divided it, gave a couple pieces to friends and one back to the client. I never realized how easy they are to grow!

    • Lisa Steinkopf

      Hi Gail,
      I’m so sorry for your loss and completely understand as I lost my mom in 2020.
      It is so cool that you gifted pieces of your plants to friends. That is the best.

  2. Succulents Plants

    What a great question! I’m sure we can all think of a plant or two that we are thankful for. Whether it’s the houseplant that brightens up the living room, the vegetable garden that provides delicious food, or the trees that provide shade in the summer, plants bring so much joy into our lives. It’s great to take a moment to really appreciate all that plants give us. Thank you for this reminder!

    • Lisa Steinkopf

      Thank you for your comment! Plants do make our lives better and sometimes its good to have a reminder. Lisa

  3. Mary Joy

    I’m absolutely thankful for my citronella plant! Not only does it help to keep the pesky mosquitos away, but it also adds a beautiful touch of greenery to my home. It has bright green leaves that are deeply fragrant and have an amazing citrusy smell. I’m so thankful for this plant as it helps to not only keep mosquitos away, but elevate my mood as well by providing a pleasant aroma and aesthetic. Taking care of this plant is both rewarding and therapeutic for me!


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