Did you Know That It Is National Indoor Plant Week? Are You Celebrating?

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It’s the third week of September and it is time to celebrate National Indoor Plant Week! Of course, I celebrate every day and think everyone should have a few in their homes and offices. During this week in 2012, I gave a plant to my daughter for her desk at her office. It has been proven that plants in the workplace add considerably to the productivity of the workers, improving their moods, and decreasing sick days.

Silver satin pothos

Sorry for the blurry picture……the plant is repotted and ready to go to the office

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree
Even after complaining about the jungle atmosphere here when they were young, now both of my daughters have numerous plants in their homes. Since they’ve been surrounded by them since birth, I don’t think they would feel at home without some. They both do a great job of keeping them alive and thriving and I tell them it’s in their blood. 


The plant on the way to the office


Sitting on her desk

A Houseplant for Everyone

There is a houseplant out there for every person and for every home. There are choices for low light, medium, and high light and the key is finding the one that fits the conditions you have in your home. Don’t buy a cactus or succulent if you only have a north window. If you have an unimpeded south or west window with tons of sun, don’t place a spathiphyllum lily or a fern there unless you plan on hanging a sheer curtain. Try to match the plant to the light you have and the care you can give it so your plant will be healthy and thriving and you will be a happy plant parent. 

Boston fern

My heirloom fern in the east window

Grandma’s Plants

I came by my love of houseplants through my mom and grandma. Mom had a fern, which I have a piece of (see above) and have had for 36 years and I now own her fern, as well. Read more about her fern here. It was given to her in 1957 by my Great-Grandma Eldred at her bridal shower.  My Grandma Baldwin and  Grandma Eldred always had African violets in bloom and leaves rooting in water in baby food jars to make more. Grandma Eldred also had ferns, amaryllis, bromeliads, grape ivy, and a croton. I obviously came by my love of houseplants naturally.

African violets on windowsill

My grandma’s violets on her East window sill

Houseplants are Therapy

Houseplants have been touted as being therapy, and I truly believe it. My favorite thing to do is re-pot houseplants because it’s relaxing, and it makes me extremely happy. (My husband wishes fewer plants would make me happy…..)

Plants as Therapy

Plants as Therapy by Elvin McDonald

During National Indoor Plant Week go out and buy a house plant and see if it doesn’t make you happier. Are you celebrating National Indoor Plant Week? 

Have a great plant-filled week, plant friends!


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