Do You Notice How Amazing Unfurling Leaves Are In The Spring?

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I have posted a lot of unfurling leaves on my social media pages. I love that word and new houseplant leaves. So I decided to show you some unfurling leaves I have seen at conservatories in the last few years.

Most public conservatories haven’t been open for the last 1 1/2 years. I thought you would like to see some new spring leaves even though they aren’t from this year. Have you ever really looked at the new leaves unfurling on your plants in the spring and summer? They are beautiful.

The leaf below reminds me of butterfly wings before they completely unfurl. Does it remind you of a newly emerged butterfly?

unfurling philodendron leaf
Philodendron leaf unfurling

Stuck unfurling philodendron leaf

The Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh was home to this wacky philodendron leaf.  I walked right by it but noticed the new leaf coming out on the second pass-through. The color of the veins and the interesting way it is wrapped up caught my attention.

Will the lobe wrapped around the stem eventually unfurl or is it going to just hang on? I’ll never know.

Philodendron leaf
Will the leaf unwrap itself from around the stem?

This Xanadu philodendron below has beautiful red veins as it opens up.

Sanadu philodendron
New Xanadu philodendron leaf with the sun shining on it.

Red Tree Fern unfurling leaves

How could I pass by this red dwarf tree fern or Blechnum brasiliense and its frond unfurling in this striking red color? As you can see, the older fronds age to dark green.

Other unfurling fern leaves

Below is another kind of fern unfurling its fronds.

fern unfurling
Love this fern unfurling

This bird’s nest fern is unfurling weirdly and I’m not exactly sure what is going on. It could be that it has a problem of some kind or it just may be a fluke of nature. It happens.

Fern frond
This bird’s nest fern frond is unfurling weirdly…

Unfortunately, there are those leaves that for some reason die before they can unfurl. Most of the time, though, the leaves open just fine.

Unfurling Maidenhair fern leaves

The maidenhair fern (Adiantum macrophyllum) below also has new growth that is a different color than the older leaves. Look at those gorgeous pink new leaves.

Maidenhair fern
The new growth of the rosy maidenhair fern is gorgeous

Pink Princess Philodendron

Something that occurred to me, is the fact that the new leaves are perfect, shiny, and unblemished as on this ‘Pink Princess’ philodendron.

pink princess philodendron
Look at the new leaf and how perfect it is!

Look at the older leaves that have water spots and brown spots from some kind of damage. And that is okay. Your plant is never going to look like it did when you first brought it home. I don’t look the same as I did at 19, either. It’s okay!

pink princess
An older blemished leaf

Look at the color of this new leaf!

Pink princess philodendron
Pink Princess Philodendron leaf that is mostly pink.

Trevesia burckii or Snowflake Tree

This unusual plant is a snowflake tree or Trevesia burckii. The new leaves are tan and the veins are prominent, but as it unfurls and ages, they become green.

Trevesia burckii
Trevesia burckii or Snow Flake Tree

Sago Palm Unfurling

I saw this sago palm unfurling at the Belle Isle Conservatory. Look how each leaflet is unfurling individually.

Sago palm leaf
Sago unfurling

Anthurium crystallinum

It is so interesting how new leaves on many plants emerge a different color than their mature leaves. This Anthurium crystallinum is a perfect example. See the dark green mature leaf behind it.

Unfurling leaf of Anthurium crystallinum
New leaf on an Anthurium crystallinum


The agave below is unfurling and the previous leaf leaves a permanent imprint on the newest leaf. So cool!

I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough of conservatories and all the new spring growth. It reminds us that life goes on and spring will always come no matter what is going on in the world.

Do you love springtime as I do? The plants wake up and start growing, unfurling their leaves, and reaching for the sun.

Have a great week, plant friends!

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