Did You Know African Violets Are Gaining Popularity Again?

by | May 11, 2021 | 12 comments

Violets under counter lights

African violets under lights on my counter

I love African violets! I think that might have been established by now. I’m in two African violet societies and a member of the African Violet Society of America. I’m a little obsessed. I think that might have been mentioned before, as well.

“Grandma” Plants

I know some people still think of them as “grandma plants” and wouldn’t have one in their home, but I’m going to show you plants your grandma could have only dreamed of. The following are some pictures of the violets that have been blooming here in the last couple of months and some are from an African violet show. I have many more pictures but thought you’d probably fall asleep if I showed you all of them. They are beautiful and you can find some amazing plants on the Lyndon Lyon website.
"Cabbage Patch' African violet

Back of the ‘Cabbage Patch’ violet

Bi-color African violet

Gorgeous blue violet


Pale purple violet

Pale purple violet with double flowers


'Harmony's Frilly Dealy' African violet

‘Harmony’s Frilly Dealy’

My favorites

I have to admit that I have plenty of pink and green varieties. They are my favorites. ‘Harmony’s Frilly Dealy’ is probably at the top of the list. I also like variegated foliage. When the flowers are out of bloom, they are still attractive.

Variegated foliage on an African violet

Look at the foliage on this violet!

African violet

Light blue flowers

African violet

Not sure of the cultivar

My Violet from Optimara

Optimara violet

Miniature violets

'Gleeful Elf' African violet

‘Gleeful Elf’ mini African violet


I especially appreciate the mini violets. They take up less room in a house already crammed full of plants and they are just so cute! If you still think African violets are old-fashioned and not your style, I’m sorry. You don’t know what you are missing. Having plants in your house which are almost constantly in bloom and only ask to be watered, fertilized, and have the right light is a no-brainer in my opinion. I’m going to keep collecting them and I hope you see the beauty and buy a couple, as well.

'Rob's Combustible Pigeon'

‘Rob’s Combustible Pigeon’

Have a great week, plant friends!

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  1. Arlene

    Your post makes my heart smile! I love African Violets, too!

    • Lisa Steinkopf

      Thanks, Arlene! Have a great day! Lisa

  2. Marilyn Tyree

    I love African Violets! I am always looking for sources online, there just aren’t any available here.

    • Lisa Steinkopf

      Marilyn, I’m sorry there aren’t any online sources. Where do you live? Lisa

  3. Sherrie

    I’ve purchased from a site called Violet Barn. They are in NY I believe, I am in CO. They do ship and everything I’ve seen ordered has arrived in excellent ckndition.

    • Lisa Steinkopf

      Yes! Violet Barn and Lyndon Lyon are two of the best. Lisa

  4. Elizabeth

    Violets are the first plant I successfully didn’t kill after I learned to bottom water them. I love them BECAUSE of my grandma. Her name was Violet and she was an avid gardener and always had violets. My houseplant collection has grown since the one violet I bought 3 years ago. It’s a beautiful dark purple and has given me several baby plants to share with others. I have a light pink and light purple one now as well. Oddly the light purple used to have white throughout it but when she flowered this year it was gone. Still pretty though. I love your violets! Just found your blog today and am also from the Detroit area!

    • Lisa Steinkopf

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks for your comments. I love your story about your violets. I had a great Aunt Violet and she was my favorite. I’m glad your violet collection is growing (growing well and growing in number).

  5. Norman Rose

    What is the name of the pink leaf variegated one ?

    • Lisa Steinkopf

      Hi Norman,
      I’m sorry I don’t know and I don’t have it anymore. I was writing a book this year and some plants have definitely suffered. Lisa

      • John Eichholz

        Hi Lisa,
        Could that vari. pink leaf plant be Optimara Romance.
        I have three that look identical to the plant you posted.

        Mr. Miagi (John)

        • Lisa Steinkopf

          Hi John,
          Thanks for the id!


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