Which Watering Can is The Best One?

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From the picture, one would think the best watering can is a green one. I do love all things green.  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the tools that were the ones needed for the best houseplant care. I showed you my favorite watering can I’ve had for years. For me, the main consideration when looking for a watering can is that it has a long spout because it is so much easier to water plants on large plant stands that you can only reach from the front. I also need it to hold less than one gallon of water (mine holds around 3L) because large watering cans when they are full are too heavy for me. (back and neck surgery limitations)

Bemis watering can

Mine is pictured below and was made by Bemis. After a Google search, I found it was no longer available, so I tried to find a close copy. I ordered two and told you I would let you know which one was the closest to mine, so here we go. I made sure the ones I found met my above criteria and also didn’t break the bank. They were both less than $30.

Bemis watering can

Bemis watering can -my favorite, but no longer available

watering cans

The three watering cans being compared

Dramm watering can

The first one is the Dramm 2-liter watering can which is the top green one. I do like it, but one thing I don’t like is that when it is filled, you have to make sure you are carrying it just right or it will spill out the back or out of the spout. It really depends on where you grab the handle. Is this just a problem I have? But the long spout is nice and it came with a large round rose but I don’t care for it.

Dramm Watering can

The design of this can makes it hard to not spill water.

What I love the most about my old Bemis can is the fact that it doesn’t spill because of the tall edge around the water filling hole. Therefore, the water doesn’t spill out when I’m carrying it.

Bemis watering can

I like that the hole where the water is added is tall (The Dramm can rose on the spout behind)

Layboo watering can

I found the Layboo 3.3L watering can (blue one above)  more to my liking and closer to my favorite can. The handle is the closest in shape to mine and I found I didn’t spill water as easily as with the Dramm because it doesn’t have that handle that curves around to the bottom. It makes it easier to carry it level and not spill the water. What is really surprising to me is the fact I like the rose that came with it. (They called it a showerhead, which is a good description.) I found because it was small and an oval shape, it actually works well. The large round one on the Dramm can is a bit too large. The oval one worked better to get into a houseplant pot if that makes sense. If you have a long spouted watering can, you probably have found it shoots out the end when you tip it to water your plants. I am careful but am finding the rose head works really well except on small pots.

watering plants

The watering can rose (showerhead) actually works great

My findings

So, in conclusion, I found I still like mine the best because of the tall lip where you fill it. No spilling unless I fill it to the top, which I often do…. My second favorite and what I feel is closest to mine is the Layboo (blue) can and I actually really like the rose on it.


Most important was the long spout

My favorite small watering can

watering cans

A collection of watering cans …I like green, obviously.

My favorite small watering can if I only have a few plants to water is the Haws 1L watering can which is the one in the middle of the picture on the chippy white pedestal. It holds a small amount of water and I keep it on my counter and use it to water a few plants now and then.

What is your favorite watering can and do you prefer having a long spout on your watering can or do you find it doesn’t really matter? What else makes it your favorite?  Let me know in the comments. If you want more choices, check out Kevin’s from Epic Gardening. He has suggestions for indoor and outdoor cans.

(P.S. If you buy anything from the links I provided, I will receive a few cents. I was not paid to try these products, bought them myself, and all opinions are mine.)

Have a great week, plant friends!


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  1. karen j kennedy

    Ahhh, I feel you pain. My Bemis watering can is held together with duct tape. I wish another manufacturer would pick up the design and get it back out there. Thanks for the alternate suggestions.

    • Lisa Steinkopf

      Right?! I wonder if I could find someone? It is the best! I do have a couple of cracks in mine on top. I don’t know that happened so duct tape may be in my future, too!

  2. Kim

    My favorite large is the Haws outdoor. I got it years ago as a gift and it is so balanced and easy to control. The rose it came with got chewed up by a doggo but the spout is fine for most things, inside or out. I work at a greenhouse that hasn’t invested in one- just has the run-of-the mill kind- and have been hinting that one (with the rose) would be a good fit for the delicate “babies” (seed trays).

    • Lisa Steinkopf

      Hi Kim,
      I do love my Haws watering cans, but the large one is too heavy for me when it is filled….. I do love to use my little ones, though.

    • Miriam Bartley

      I like my Haw outdoor too.

      • Lisa Steinkopf

        Haws are great cans and I have the small ones, but the large one is too heavy for me with water in it….


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