Has your hoya or wax plant bloomed? A few of mine have been blooming like mad lately, and I am so excited! Finally! Here are some of the flowers. Let’s talk about how to care for your hoya after it blooms.

Hoya kerrii flower

Hoya kerrii starting to flower this week

Hoya pubicalyx

Hoya pubicalyx

Hoya pubicalyx bloom

Hoya pubicalyx with the peduncle showing (what is hanging from)

Hoya carnosa variegata flowers

Hoya carnosa variegata

Hoya obovata blooming

Hoya obovata blooming on top of a black begonia leaf

Done blooming-now what?

Aren’t they gorgeous?! Now they’ve bloomed and the flowers are starting to turn brown and fall off.  The flowers below are almost done. Should I cut the spent flower stem off?

Hoya obovata flowers dead

Hoya obovata flowers that are turning brown

Cut it off?

Isn’t it tempting to cut that flower stalk off where it meets the stem? I wanted to. The problem is if I cut that off I’m cutting off the very spot where it will bloom again. The picture below is a hoya peduncle. What in the heck is a peduncle? From The American Heritage Dictionary of Science: “Stalk; stem; stalklike part (of a flower, fruit cluster, or animal body).” A hoya’s flowers are pedunculate as they grow on a peduncle. I read that they will elongate as they get older so I’m pretty sure that each of those “rings” is one year of blooms. That would mean this one has bloomed 4 times and I would say that is about right.

Peduncle of a hoya

Peduncle of a Hoya kerrii where it will flower again

Next time your hoya blooms and you are tempted to cut that spent flower off….DON’T!

Hoya flower buds

Hoya kerrii flower buds on the peduncle

First flowers

This hoya bud below is on a new vine, so this will be the first time it has bloomed at this point on the stem and you can see there is no “ring” on the peduncle.

Hoya bud

Hoya kerrii bud

Hoya kentiana peduncle

Hoya kentiana peduncle

Hoya carnosa variegata peducle

Hoya carnosa variegata peduncle

Newest hoya

And last, but not least, my newest addition to my hoya collection and I am thrilled it is going to bloom- Hoya fitchii. I received this from Logee’s last year and it has grown quite a bit on my south windowsill and I just noticed this bud last week. I can’t wait to see the flowers!

Hoya fitchii bud

Hoya fitchii bud

I hope you learned something new from this Tuesday Tidbit as I learn new things too, right along with you as I research what I’m writing about. After putting the pictures together, I see that the peduncles do elongate each year after they flower. So cool! Don’t cut that peduncle off!

I’ve written other posts about hoyas, read about propagating hoyas here.

Have a safe week!

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