I was so honored to be on the Bloom and Grow Radio this week, talking about African violets with Maria. She and I are sure that African violets are at the brink of a major comeback with young plant parents. So I decided to put all my African violet blog post links in this post, so they are easy to find.

“Grandma” Plants

Let’s start with the notion that they are old fashioned “grandma” plants. My grandma would love the violets of today. She had pink and blue ones—that’s it.  Now there are so many hybrids with unusual flowers and variegated foliage. She would be amazed!

Repot Your Plant

Violets can develop a long neck or stem, letting you know its time to repot your violet.

Revitalize your violet

Another post about revitalizing a violet that is needing some help.

Sunburned violet

Did you know your violet can get sunburned IN your home?


Sometimes there will be problems, like powdery mildew.


Thrips are insects than can be a big problem for African violets. This post helps with ways to control them.

There is another solution to thrips

Optimara, a violet company in Tennessee, has found a solution to thrips. They hybridized violets to take away the pollen sacs. Read about them here.

If you have purchased an African violet at a store, here is a post about how to care for it after you get it home.

I have friends that professionally grow violets to sell them at African violet shows. Here are the two posts I wrote after visiting their home –Part 1 and Part 2.

I hope having all these posts together is helpful. If you have any questions or think there is something I missed that is important for the care of African violets, let me know in the comments. Happy growing!

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