Aglaonema plants are some of the hottest plants available today. They are easy to grow, take low light levels, and the colors of the leaves are amazing. If they have good bright light conditions, you may find that they will send out flowers. There is controversy among houseplant growers about whether you should remove the flowers or leave them on the plant.

A large selection of aglaonemas

A large selection of aglaonemas at a local garden center

A popular foliage plant

I was at a local garden center today and there was an entire table filled with aglaonemas, as you can see above. They are such wonderful plants. Many were blooming and that’s where the conversation begins. Should you take the flowers off or leave them on?

All in the family

So what about the flowers? Aglaonemas are in the arum family which includes anthuriums, philodendrons, monsteras, peace lilies, and dieffenbachias. They all have flowers that form a spadix and often are surrounded by a green or colored spathe. You probably will never see a flower on your monstera or philodendron but will see them often on peace lilies and anthuriums.


Anthuriums are relatives of the aglaonema

Is it a flower or a leaf?

As you can see below, it may seem like there is just a new leaf coming out, but it will soon become apparent that it isn’t unfurling like a normal leaf.

Aglaonema flower bud

Is it a flower or a leaf?

Unfurling leaves

Below are the unfurling leaves. As you can see when you compare the pictures above (flower bud) and below (leaf), the leaves are much thinner than the flower bud.

Aglaonema flowers

Below are some pictures of the aglaonema flowers. They aren’t that attractive but not ugly, either. So should you cut them off? Maybe you are asking why it matters or had never thought of cutting them off. That is fine. Some argue that the flowers should be cut off. Why? Because aglaonemas are grown for their amazing foliage and flowers take energy from the plant. So, many cut them off so that all the energy goes into growing more gorgeous leaves. It makes sense to me. I personally cut the flowers off. I don’t think they are attractive. Making flowers does take enormous amounts of energy because after they flower, what happens? They make seeds. More energy being used.

Aglaonema flower

An aglaonema flower a bit more mature

Leave them on if you prefer

All that being said, if you like the flowers, leave them on. It really is up to you. If your plant is flowering, it definitely likes where it is. It is getting good light and sending out flowers. Life is good for your aglaonema, but it does take energy to make them. So, tell me, do you leave them or cut them off?

Have a great week, plant friends!