Why visit a greenhouse in the winter? That is the question. I’m going to give you the answer below. This new year is beginning and most of you are back to your 9 to 5 jobs (does anyone work those hours anymore?). On your off time, you may need a little warmth and green. So head for your nearest greenhouse or garden center. I was at Graye’s Greenhouse today, a small greenhouse I’ve talked about before. I love this place and have been going here for years.

Passionflower blooming

Passionflower blooming

Entering the door

The aroma as you open the door on a cold day is cathartic. The smell of potting medium, and today, passionflowers and scented geraniums that released their scent as I brushed by. But the smell is just the beginning. The feel of the humid air and the warmth that greets you at the door is heavenly. You really need to get to a greenhouse this winter.

The plants

Below are a few of the beautiful plants and flowers I saw today.

scented geranium flower

Scented geranium flower

Parrot's beak

Parrot’s beak


Orchid bloom

Shrimp plant flower

Shrimp plant blooms

Jewel orchid bud

Jewel orchid buds



And what greenhouse is complete without a kitty cat? This one showed up not so long ago and stayed. There is also another kitty that has been living there for years.

Greenhouse kitty

Greenhouse kitty catnapping on a cozy scarf


Rabbit's foot fern

Rabbit’s foot fern with a begonia in the background (Davalia fejeensis)

green worm fern

Green worm fern (Polypodium formosanum)













What greenhouse are you visiting near you? What did you buy? Or did you just enjoy the warmth and green?

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