Yesterday we had record-breaking snowfall in SE Michigan. Here in my town, we received almost 10″ of snow.


I like the snow. It covers the brown, ugly, landscape and best of all, it makes it brighter in our homes-better for houseplants! They love the extra light that bounces into the windows. This snowfall came very early in Michigan this year. We still have trees covered with leaves that will now fall in the snow and raking will be out of the question. So what do we do on a snowy day? We head for our nearest botanical garden to soak up some warmth, humidity, and beautiful plants. I was at Matthaei Botanical Gardens the day before the record snowfall and it was gorgeous. The pictures make me happy on this frigid day.

Stapelia flower

Stapelia flower blooming

The plants blooming, the smell of soil and the warmth made it perfect.

Gongora orchid

Gongora species orchid

Combretum indicum

Quisqualis or Combretum indicum

Metallic palm

Chamaedorea metallica or metallic palm

Plant kaleidoscope

Love the giant kaleidoscope filled with plants

So if you are feeling down on a cold, snowy day, find a botanical garden or even a garden center near you. Surrounding yourself with green plants and the smell of earth is bound to make your day better. It always works for me. Do you have a botanical garden near you?

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