A Plant Poem For This Time of Year

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As snow begins to descend in parts of the country, this poem below comes to mind. I then remembered a trip I took to Phipps Conservatory last year in a  snowstorm. I was only one hour away, as I was in Ohio presenting a program to a garden group. I couldn’t miss Phipps when I was that close, could I?

Unconscious of a less propitious clime,

There blooms exotic beauty, warm and snug,

While the winds whistle and the snow descend.

The spiry myrtle, with unwith’ring leaf,

Shines there and flourishes. The golden boast

of Portugal and Western India there,

The ruddier orange and the paler lime,

Peep through their polish’d foliage at the storm,

And seem to smile at what they need not fear.
-William Cowper

It was a wonderful day and worth the drive to experience the conservatory. It smelled like heaven and I almost had the place to myself because of the weather. The displays were even more beautiful with the snow falling outside the windows…. it was magical. So this winter, when the snow is getting you down, head for your nearest conservatory. It may be a drive, but it will be worth it.

Further reading

If you like gardens and you like poetry, there are a couple of books I would like to recommend. My friend Teresa Watkins wrote two books called A Gardener’s Compendium  Volume 1 and 2. They are two books filled with garden poetry, facts, quotes, anecdotes, and history. Check them out.


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