Did You Know There is a Week Dedicated to Indoor Plants?

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Boston Fern

My all-time FAVORITE houseplant, my great grandmother’s fern.

Next week is one of my favorite weeks of the year-National Indoor Plant Week- a week dedicated to houseplants. I have written about this week for years and you can read about that here and here. I’m so happy that this week has gained in popularity, just as houseplants have. The fern above is my favorite houseplant because I have had it for years and it has much family history attached to it. Sentimental plants are my favorite. How about you?

Give-Aways next week

So to celebrate the week, I will be having a book/plant giveaway with Costa Farms and Insucculentlove, both on Instagram. I will also be doing a couple of unboxings of plants, from Costa Farms and Bloomscape, a Michigan (my favorite state) company that delivers plants right to your door. I am beyond excited for both! We all need more plants, right? So check out all three Instagram feeds and mine, of course, to see all the excitement next week.

National Indoor Plant Week

Most importantly, go out and buy some more plants to celebrate. Plants improve our moods, give us fresh air, and make us HAPPY. What more could you ask for?



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