Melamine Wall Planters Product Review

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Today I unboxed a package sent from Erik, who found me via my website and asked if he could send me a set of his wall planters. I said yes, of course. So today I unboxed them, and you can see that on Instagram and my Facebook page.

Melamine Wall Planters

So here is the planter. They are made of melamine and come in a set of three. They are lightweight, which I like because the plant and potting medium add weight. They look like ceramic and the color is cloud blue, but I took these pictures below in the evening so they look gray. Here is the link to the planters on Amazon. They are under $20 which is I think is a great value!

Everything You Need Is Included

He provides nails and screws so you can choose which you would like to use. I used a screw, but one I had because I didn’t see the ones he sent in the bottom of the box until after I had it hung up.

I hung mine up in my bathroom because I had wall space there and a west window is just a few feet away, providing good light.

Melamine planter

Variegated pothos in the wall planter

NO Drainage needed

The only thing I didn’t use was the bag of charcoal which is provided for “drainage” in the bottom of the container as it does not have a drainage hole. Drainage material is NOT needed or does it work. So in my opinion, leave the charcoal out.

Three Suggestions

So my suggestions are:

#1 Place your plant still in its 4″ grow pot in the wall pocket. Take it out to water it, let it drain, and return it to the container.

#2 Plant directly in the wall pocket, WITHOUT any drainage material and use a pencil or chopstick to gauge the amount of moisture in the potting medium. Stick a pencil or chopstick into the potting medium and let it stay there for a minute or two, then pull it out and see if the end is moist. If it is, don’t water. If it is dry, water it. Do so carefully, not watering it enough to make a soupy mess, but enough to moisten the soil to the bottom of the container. After watering you could check it again with a chopstick to make sure it isn’t too wet at the bottom.

#3 Drill a drainage hole, which Erik also gives directions to do in the pamphlet that comes with the containers. To water the plant, take it off the wall, water it, let it drain, and then return it to the wall. It is very easy to do that, as it just slides down onto the nail head.

My Opinion

Overall, I think these are great planters. They are lightweight, easy to install, and came with everything needed to install them. It took me about a minute to hang it up. I may hang the other two with this one in the bathroom, but I’m still deciding. Thank you Erik for sending them! I really like them. My suggestion would be to make them in more colors, but this is a nice color and would go in most interiors.


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