Did you know that sansevierias (snake plants) bloom? They do! I knew they did, but haven’t ever had one bloom on my windowsill. They have in my sunroom where of course, they get more sun, but never on the window sill. Here it is blooming below. So how do you get your sansevieria to bloom?

'Moonglow' sansesvieriabloom

Sansevieria ‘Moonshine’ in my west window.

‘Moonshine’ Sansevieria

I have had this ‘Moonshine’ sansevieria for years. It has been in the same window in the same place forever. I’ve lived her 21 years, but am not sure how long I’ve had this particular plant. A long time. The only thing that has changed in the last few months, is that I up-potted it last fall as it was busting out of the pot. The weird thing is the side that is blooming is the side furthest from the sun. The only thing I can think of is that that side faced the sun before I up-potted it and the bud was already there. (Yes, I know I’m supposed to turn my plant regularly to make sure all sides get the same amount of sun) If I had turned it more often, I may have had more than one bloom stalk.

sansevieria buds

sansevieria buds

sansevieria bloom

Sansevieria bloom

How do you get your snake plant to bloom?

The only thing that can make a plant bloom is the sun/electric light. Many people assume that if a plant isn’t blooming, it needs fertilizer. Fertilizer is simply nutrients or viatmins for your plant. It doesn’t make your plant bloom. If you are using bloom booster fertilizer, it is just that….a booster. Not a bloom “maker”.  It helps the bloom color be all that it can be, makes them bigger, last longer….just boost the blooms. The sun or electric light is how a plant makes its food and what makes a plant bloom.

sansevieria blooms with dripping nectar

The nectar is dripping from these sanseveiria flowers

Find the sun

Your snake plant may be languishing in a dark corner, as many snake plants are. They have the reputation of being a low light, dark-corner-dwelling plant. Whereas they will “survive” in those corners for a long time, they are slowly declining and will eventually perish in those conditions. If, on the other hand, you place your snake plant in full sun, such as a south or west window, it will “thrive” and may bloom!

Blooming sansevieria

Sansevieria blooming

New growth

This plant has taken off since I up-potted it last November. The new growth is looking good!

New growth

New growth

So put your sansevieria in as much light as you can, and you will be surprised how fast they fill the pot and may even bloom! has your snake plant bloomed?

Blooms on my sansevieria

An open bloom on my ‘Moonshine’ sansevieria

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