Last weekend I attended a trade show in Ohio where all the newest varieties of plants are showcased. I of course, am on the look out for new houseplants and I found some that I want to show you. Here are some from a previous year. The crotons (Codiaem variegatum) I saw were amazing!  I know that crotons can be tough houseplants. Their amazing colors disappear inside unless you have an extremely bright spot, such as a south or west window and they also should not be allowed to dry out for any length of time or leaves will drop and spider mites may move in. If you can keep the humidity high and the light up, that foliage can NOT be beat. Begonias are equally beautiful. They may not have the bright colors of crotons, but they have gorgeous leaves.

New Thai Dye Crotons

The Foremost Co. introduced these crotons and are called the Thai Dye series. Many crotons have been hybridized in Thailand and these are obviously coming from there, as well. With the colors and patterns on the leaves, “Thai Dye” is a perfect name for this new line of crotons.

New croton varieties

New croton varieties

Thai Dye croton To the Max

“To the Max’ Thai Dye Croton

'To theMax' Croton

Look how large these leaves are on ‘To the Max’

Croton 'Gnarly'

‘Gnarly’ Croton in Thai Dye series

The one below was my favorite! Look at those leaves!

'Tubular' Croton

‘Tubular’ Croton in Thai Dye series


‘Tubular’ croton

'Tubular' croton foliage

Leaf of ‘Tubular’ croton

'Twisted' croton

‘Twisted’ croton

'Twisted' croton

‘Twited’ croton

'Twisted' croton

‘Twisted’ croton

New beautiful begonias

Begonias are a hot item right now. The foliage is amazing and as long as you give them a medium to bright light and treat them like succulents, they should thrive. There stems hold water, so they can dry down a bit before watering, like true succulents, so do not over water them. Look at these new hybrids! The first four are from Greenfuse and called the Bewitched series and the last two are from Terra Nova and are called the Silver series.

Bewitched series 'Wintergreen'

‘Wintergreen’ Bewitched series begonia

Bewitched 'White'

Bewitched ‘White’ begonia

Bewitched 'Red Black'

Bewitched ‘Red Black’

Bewitched 'Pink'

Bewitched ‘Pink’

Terra Nova introduced these two begonias below and the foliage is striking.

Begoinia Silver 'Treasure'

Begonia Silver ‘Treasure’

Silver 'Treasure'

Silver ‘Treasure’

Silver' Lace'

Silver ‘Lace’

There are more exciting new plants, including some aglaonemas and a diffenbachia that I will show you later. It is exciting to see new houseplants being created and brought to market. The problem is wanting one of each!

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