A Visit to the Dallas Arboretum

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In the beginning of April, I was invited to be a part of a media event held by the Jobes company in Texas. We convened at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. It was absolutely stunning! Since today is Earth Day, I thought I would show you an especially beautiful part of the earth and tell you about my trip to Texas.

There were about 20 gardeners including myself, and we spent the day learning about Jobes Organics fertilizers and other products that Jobes manufactures. I was most excited to learn that they are working on an organic form of the famous houseplant fertilizer sticks! After lunch we all were able to use the Jobes products to pot up planters that will be used at homes in the Dallas Habitat for Humanity program. Read more about that here. We used their potting medium, worm castings, and fertilizer stakes to make sure the containers are successful for the owners. I will definitely be using the worm castings in my potting medium mix I use for my houseplants.

Tulips and pansies

The white garden below was stunning! And white is not my first choice.

The free time we had during the day was spent wandering through the botanical garden. It was the height of spring there and I have never seen so many tulips in one place. Azaleas were in bloom, pansies were everywhere, and the smell of spring was amazing.

Love this tulip

The wisteria was in full bloom and smelled so good!

The Japanese maples were fully leafed out and added so much color to the landscape.

The spring show included a huge picnic basket, replete with ants, a vase of flowers and a pie, all made out of plants.

I love orange flowers and there were so many orange tulips!



The containers were beautiful

I was amazed to see misters in the fern garden. Even outside in Texas they need more humidity than is available naturally to them.

The fern garden has misters to keep the humidity high even outside

Look at that view!

Below is the picture we took after planting our containers. It was a wonderful day and I love learning about new gardening products.

Dallas Habitat for Humanity and the Jobes group with our containers

Do you use Jobes products? I’m especially interested to hear if any of you use the fertilizer sticks in your houseplants or worm castings in your potting medium. Tell me about the results in the comments.

(I was not paid to write this blog post. I did receive products to try and my travel expenses were covered. All opinions are mine and I only endorse things I’ve tried and had success with. I will keep you updated.)

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