Oops! I Made a Mistake Do as I say, not as I do….

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Last week, I visited Texas. Of course, I went to the nearest local garden center to check out the plants. Ruibal’s Plants of Texas was the closest to me and it was amazing! If you are ever in Dallas, check it out. I found a Monstera karstenianum and even though I was flying home with only a small suitcase and a carry on, I bought it.

The entire plant. Time to repot

I had a free day on Thursday and so rented a car and headed to Waco to go to Magnolia Market at the silos. When I left Dallas, it was cool, but as the day progressed, it was HOT. I checked Acuweather just now and discovered it had been 88 degrees. Well, guess where that plant was? In my rental car. Unless I wanted to carry it around with me, there was nothing else I could do. I guess I could have put it under the car….but it may have not been there when I got back. So, needless to say, I came back to a limp, sad, hot plant. I did give it some water at that time and it may have done better had it been well hydrated to begin with. I honestly didn’t think about it, I was so excited to be at Magnolia. So the next day after arriving home, this is what my plant looked like.

I feel bad for ruining the new growth on my plant.

So what I’m telling you is “do as I say, not as I do”. Don’t buy a plant and leave it in a hot car for any period of time. Of course, this was an unusual circumstance as I was traveling. I just wanted to show you what could happen if you buy a plant then run errands and leave it in a car on a hot day. If you want to see what happens when a plant is sunburned in your house, see this post about African violets.

Black and burnt

The edge of the next leaf down was also damaged

Luckily, only the new growth was damaged. It is thinner than the mature leaves and also I think the plant was dry. I didn’t water it as that would have added weight to the plant and my suitcase was already too heavy. As you can see below, the older mature leaves are fine (and beautiful!).

Love these quilted leaves!

Who could pass up those leaves. It was worth geting it home!

So, on a hot day, if you buy a plant, take it right home, not leaving it in a hot car for any length of time or you too may damage your plant. If I had left it any longer, it may have actually killed the plant. I would have been so disappointed, as it wasn’t the cheapest plant and I had been searching for it.

Have you ever done this-left your plant in a car during a hot or cold day and lived to regret it? Tell me how it turned out for you….and your plant.

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