Handmade and Local Gifts for the Houseplant Lover

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Snow flake pot from Black Cat Pottery

Are you looking for a special gift for your Valentine? I live in the Detroit area and am going to show you some items I’ve purchased and would love to receive as a gift.  I’m sure anyone who loves plants would agree. Why give your significant other a boring box of candy or cut flowers? Those actually are nice gifts, but how about a beautiful houseplant potted up in a hand made piece of art? It’s a gift that they will truly appreciate and have forever.

Saguaro pot with a tiny sansevieria

The pots above and the one below are from Black Cat Pottery, hand made by Cheryl English. The snowflake and saguaro cactus are pots I purchased from Cheryl and I love them. The hexagonal ones are a new item she has just started making. I have put them on my list! You can purchase her pots locally at Pot +Box in the Fisher building in Detroit and the Rustic Roost in St. Clair Shores. You can also contact her through the link above.

Dancing Dragonflies hexagonal planter (Photo courtesy of Black Cat Pottery)

The next containers I purchased at Pot + Box and the artist is Carrie from at Held.Don’t you love those little spikes on the pot?

Tiny sansevieria

Philodendron micans in hand made pottery

Held pottery with a Philodendron micans

The next two containers were bought at Graye’s Greenhouse in Plymouth. I have been going there for years. These pots are made by Pauline Lester of Plymouth. No two are the same and the ones I have are bowl shaped. They would be great for shallow rooted plants such as succulents.

Ponytail palms in a butterfly pot

Love the lace effect and butterfly

Blue star fern in a fern pot

The container is natural

The last container is from Marta McGlinn Ceramics. I purchased this one at Green Daffodil in Ferndale, a place with so many things to buy your Valentine. Their candles are amazing and there are some great vintage finds as well.

I love this Marna McGlinn pottery

Cool plant sign from Woodward Throwbacks

Another great gift is this adorable sign from Woodward Throwbacks, a company that makes furniture and signs from reclaimed Detroit lumber.

My last gift is my book. If you need help with houseplants or want to learn more, this is a perfect gift.

I hope you found something you liked and that your Valentine would like, as well. I was not compensated in any way (except for my book) to write about these local artists and their products. These are simply things I love and wanted to pass the information on to you. If you do not live near Detroit, find an artist near you. Shop local and support your small businesses and artists. You won’t be sorry and your loved one will be so impressed with a unique gift that they will have forever.

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  1. Anthony

    Hey Lisa! Awesome article 🙂 Thanks so much!

  2. Jaime Haney

    I love that you’re supporting your local artists Lisa! These are all beautiful finds and your touch with plants make me envious. The dreary winter days have caught up with my houseplants but yours look fantastic as usual.

    As a plant lover, I’d much rather get something like these for Valentine’s Day as long as they didn’t forget a sweetheart card! I don’t dare pick a favorite, but the quirky slightly off kilter one with the butterfly catches my eye.

    • thehouseplantguru.com

      Thanks Jaime. Aren’t we all always looking for something different for our plants? We all want to be unique and buying something handmade fulfills that desire. I love the butterfly one, as well. I especially love that a doily (I’m partial to them) was used to make the impression in the clay. I don’t want to put down the cut flower industry, but I would much rather have a living plant or a beautiful container to house one I already have. Thanks so much for your comments! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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