#TuesdayTidbits Turn Your Plant Around-That’s What it’s All About

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I love Thanksgiving cactus and when they flower, they are amazing. So it is disappointing when the time comes for them to flower and only a few flowers appear and only on one side of the plant. What happened?! I actually got it to flower, but it is only on one side…..

Beautiful flowering Thanksgiving cactus

I first saw this happen with my daughter’s plant and told her she should turn it a 1/4 turn every time she watered it. Did I do what I told her to do? NO! As the old saying goes, “Do as I say, not as I do.”  So learn from my mistakes. Turn your plants! Even the non-flowering plants should be turned so they don’t lean towards the light. If it is a woody plant, the crook that will be in the stem from leaning toward the light and then being turned may not straighten out, leaving you with a permanently crooked stem.

What about this side?

And this side?

If I had consistently turned the plant all year leading up to the budding of the plant, I would have buds and flowers all the way around the plant. Wouldn’t that have been beautiful? There’s always next year….

Wish the whole plant looked like this side.

I mean who wouldn’t want more of these gorgeous flowers?

Has this happened to your plant and you wondered why only one side bloomed? Now you know!

Newly purchased and COVERED with buds

This newly purchased plant above and below has been grown perfectly and is covered all the way around with flowers. Hopefully the one above will look like this next year along with this one. Turn your plants around…..that’s what it’s all about.

Newly purchased with flowers all the way around

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