Graffiti Is Art (Except on Plants)

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First things first. I looked up the definition of graffiti and found this:

graf·fi·ti (grəfē′tē) Drawings or inscriptions made on a wall or other surface, usually without permission and so as to be seen by the public.  

I realize that graffiti is an art form and a way of expressing one’s self. I think the people that draw graffiti on buildings really are amazing artists. Not only because they make beautiful paintings, but that they can make them so big and they are up so close to the canvas they are working on. How do they do that?

The graffiti art below is on a wall on Agnes Street in Detroit, MI. It was painted by Louise Jones under the name Ouizi, (pronounced wee-ze). I’m sure that unlike the definition, Ouizi had permission. It truly is a beautiful art installation.

A beautiful painting on a building in Detroit


But, why people feel the need to express themselves on LIVING things, is beyond me. Read about the graffiti that used to mar the Anna Scripps Whitcomb conservatory on Belle Isle in Detroit. I recently was at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh and they had a Cuba exhibit. In this exhibit they have an autograph tree or Clusia rosea.

Lots of graffiti

This plant has an interesting history and according to the sign in front of the plant, may have been used in the Spanish-American war.

Autograph tree….?

More leaves with graffiti

I also found some graffiti on some plants in the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, OH. I’m sure many conservatories have to deal with this. Remember the definition, “so as to be seen by the public”.

Graffiti on a cactus in the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, OH

Terrible graffiti on a cactus

People. Let’s find other ways to express ourselves. Leave the plants alone. My opinion, of course. What are your thoughts?

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