The ficus growing in the greenhouse

This has been the summer of sentimentality for me and so I am continuing with another heirloom plant. It doesn’t have to be from a family member to be special. This one I bought from a local greenhouse that I have been going to for years and it and the owners are special to me. I am revisiting Graye’s Greenhouse to show you a special ficus I bought there in early May. I liked the plant but liked it even more knowing it was an offspring from the ficus tree that has been growing in the greenhouse for decades. You can see the original plant above.

The roots left the pot years ago

In the picture above you can see the pot the ficus started its life in, but can also see the huge root on the right which years ago left the container to continue life in the soil of Michigan that the greenhouse is residing on. You won’t find many cement walks at this greenhouse, if any at all. It still has the dirt floors it started with in 1928 and this Ficus benjamina decided the soil floors would be a great place to grow and thrive.

As you can see below there is another one (offspring from the larger one?) growing down the aisle.

Another offspring

The roots are also growing into the ground

As you can see above, this one also has decided to leave the pot and venture into the greenhouse dirt floor.

And here is my offspring up-potted into a nice container and growing well in my sun room. I am excited to have a plant that is from a greenhouse I have been going to for years and from a plant that has been growing there for decades!

My piece of Graye’s plant

Do you have any special plants that aren’t necessarily family heirlooms?

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