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by | Nov 25, 2017 | 2 comments

Last week I was in Holland, MI and on the way home, I HAD to stop at Frederick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids. I was passing by and my car knows when it is close to a conservatory and steers itself there. I’m not making it up. Ask my husband. Last year I visited when the Christmas decorations were all up and they were amazing. You can read about that Christmas visit here. All the decorations were still being installed as this visit was before Thanksgiving but I stopped to see what was blooming, and I wasn’t disappointed. I never am.

Entrance to Frederick Meijer Gardens

First stop is the desert house. Love the succulent wreath, and flowers. The cacti and succulents sometimes are not so attractive, but when they bloom, the transformation amazes me. Only a few blossoms were left on the Cleistocactus ritteri.

Red Fairy Duster or Calliandra californica

If I hadn’t stopped to look at the Cleistocactus I never would have looked down and seen the Ceropegia ampliata bloom. I had never seen this ceropegia blooming and if it was the only flower I had seen, the trip would have been worth it. It is amazing that the huge flowers come from such an unassuming plant. Just those long stems with no leaves and then those amazing flowers! Wow! I took a ton of pictures and made every person walking through the desert house stop and look at it. They probably thought I was crazy!! Well, I am when it comes to plants!

Around the corner was the rosary vine or Ceropegia woodii and it is obvious the two are related by their flowers. The size difference is amazing though. I put a penny down next to them so you can compare.

And the orchid blooms! Wow! I don’t know the names and I apologize. There weren’t obvious signs so just enjoy the beauty.

I always make sure I look up when I’m at a conservatory. The sun shining through this caricature plant or Graptophyllum pictum was fabulous!

Caricature plant with the sun shining through

A few more plants caught my attention like the seeds on the palm and the pineapple.

I was hungry and stopped by the cafe on the way out. I was astounded to see a new living wall! Gorgeous! Wherever you live or travel, if there is a conservatory, stop by. You never know what you will see. If you live close, go often, because there is something blooming all the time and it is never the same.

Living wall in the cafe

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  1. Jack Sargent

    I like those Ceropegia blooms. my vehicle likes to find conservatories also. Have you been to the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati? I’ve been going there for over forty years. Love the succulent house.

    • thehouseplantguru.com

      I just went there a couple of years ago and I LOVED it! It is a wonderful conservatory. I would love to get back and spend more time. My husband was with me and we were on our way to Tennessee, so I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked. I did do a blog post about it if you look it up. Thanks for your comment!


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