National Public Gardens Day

by | May 12, 2017 | 2 comments

Today was National Public Gardens Day and so of course I went to a conservatory. But really, who needs an excuse to go to a public garden? I never do. Anyway, I hope you made it to one today. I decided to go to Ann Arbor to Matthaei Botanical Gardens. And how nice was it, that parking was free today thanks to Domino’s?

I took a few pictures of what was flowering and just plain gorgeous, to share them with you in case you couldn’t make it to a garden today.

Bromeliad flower

Doll’s slippers Thunbergia mysorensis

Coelogyne pandurata orchid

Dendrobium chrysotoxum

I love going to conservatories and today was a perfect day to go, but then, any day is a perfect day to go to a conservatory. Take your mom this weekend to a garden or if she isn’t with you any longer, take yourself or a friend to one and enjoy the day. You never know what you may discover.

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  1. Cathy Streett

    Our Garden Club visited Cantigny Park in Winfield, IL on National Public Gardens Day.

    We took a tour of the gardens and heard about big plans and construction to improve the gardens, museum and the grounds in the future. We listened in on Shawna Coranado’s talk, and enjoyed a wonderful lunch on the patio.

    It was a beautiful day with lots of inspiration.


      I haven’t been there, but need to visit! Thank you for sharing! And lucky you to be able to meet Shawna- she is wonderful!


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