Some Gorgeous Green Leaves and Flowers for St. Patrick’s Day

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If you know me, you know that green is my favorite color. My nails are green, my purse is green, my clothes are green, my vehicle is green…… So I thought today, I would post some pictures of green flowers and exceptionally green leaves. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


How about the colors on these begonia leaves? Begonias display some amazing foliage colors and here are a few I have.

Iron cross begonia

Iron cross begonia

the back of a begonia leaf


I love African violets and other gesneriads. Look at the flowers on these plants!


Kohleria flower


There are so many orchids out there, but these ones had a distinct green color.

cymbidium orchids

Cymbidium orchid

Cymbidium orchid


Orchid at Belle Isle Conservatory

How about some succulents?


Green euphorbia flowers

Here are a few more green plants and a frog, too….


Monstera leaf with the sun shining through

green anthurium flower

green anthurium flower

And a green shamrock…..

green oxalis

Green oxalis in flower


Do you have any green flowers or exceptionally green foliage plants?

Have a great day!

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