New Houseplants at Cultivate ’16

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Yesterday, I attended a horticulture industry trade show called Cutlivate ’16 in Columbus, Ohio.

Display at Cultivate '16

Display at Cultivate ’16

I’m always looking for houseplants, of course, and I wanted to show you the ones I found.

First I stopped at the HGTV Home booth to talk to a friend and was happy to see a new display of succulents. These are called Bouqulents or succulents for bouquets. Aren’t they adorable?! I did quiz them about the drainage and light, but as you can see, they have addressed it quite well on the back of the package. The ones in the box just sit on their own, and I may have got to bring one home…. I do wish it had a drainage hole but I may drill one….

Every year they have a new plant area. Some of the plants may not be brand new, but sometimes the companies pay to have a newer plant showcased.

Check out the Anthurium -it is called ‘Michigan’. Yay!!!

This Medinilla ‘Gregori Hamball’ stopped me in my tracks! Isn’t that gorgeous. I was told it wasn’t grown for the flowers like the typical Medinilla but who needs flowers with that foliage?!

Medinilla 'Gregori Hamball' at Cultivate 16'

Medinilla ‘Gregori Hamball’ at Cultivate 16′

I moved on through the show on the look out for more plants. I saw some new ferns at the Optimara booth. The tray of small ferns is a new Boston fern called ‘Nevada’ and is supposed to drop less leaves. Awesome!

This small fern is a Fairy Flower fern (Doryopteris pedata) and I received a small starter plant. I’m so excited!

Living walls are still going strong!

And some gorgeous topiary…. I love flamingos!….and tea!

These Streptocarpus aren’t new this year, but are fairly new cultivars to the industry. I saw a huge one on a garden walk last weekend used as the centerpiece on a table in the shade. And look at all those begonias.

While looking at the ferns at one of the booths, the rep showed me this Korean Rock Fern and though it is a relatively hard fern, he said it makes a great houseplant. I have to find one! Have any of you tried one as a houseplant? It is hardy to Zone 6 and I am in Zone 6, but haven’t tried one outside.

Korean Rock Fern (Polystichum tsus-simense) at fern booth

Korean Rock Fern (Polystichum tsus-simense) at fern booth

So, that is what I saw at the show and I’m excited any time I see new houseplants. Hopefully you and I will be seeing them in a window in our homes soon!

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  1. Patti

    Looks like fun. I’d usually have Boston Ferns on my porch but can’t seem to get them to make it through the winter. Also in zone 6a. I’ll have to be on the lookout for the Korean Rock Fern. Thanks.


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