One Plant, Three Stylings

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I’m running a little behind this summer, but wanted to still join in on the Urban Jungle Bloggers monthly challenge.


This month’s theme was 1 plant-3 stylings. I don’t know how great I am at “styling”, but here is my take on that theme.

I decided to use my Fittonia ‘Mini Red’ which I purchased a couple of months ago. I couldn’t resist it. Look at the coloring in those leaves!

Fittonia 'Mini Red'

Fittonia ‘Mini Red’

Fittonias can be a little challenging, only because they really don’t like to dry out. I usually keep mine on the counter next to the sink. This is where any houseplants that need a little more attention than others, especially plants that don’t like to dry out, are kept. Of course, I’m in the kitchen a lot and so even if it dries out, I catch it before it is too late. Fittonias are especially well suited to terrariums. Thin leaved plants don’t take low humidity well and so can use the added humidity, whether this comes from being covered or at the very least, sitting on a pebble tray.

Fittonia 'Mini Red' under lights

Fittonia ‘Mini Red’ under lights

Next I put the plant in an aged clay pot and placed it on my antique, paint splattered, high chair. I placed a cast iron owl next to it because who doesn’t love owls?

Fittonia 'Mini Red' in a shabby chic setting

Fittonia ‘Mini Red’ in a shabby chic setting

I think it looks great in this small antique McCoy jardiniere. I placed it on this stand which is actually made to hold an ashtray. In my house, though, everything is looked at through the eyes of a houseplant collector and I bought it to hold a plant. And as almost everything in my house, the pot has a pansy doily under it. Everything needs a doily under it, right?

Love this McCoy pot

Fittonia ‘Mini Red’ in an antique McCoy jardiniere

I enjoyed stepping out of my box and trying to see a single plant in three different settings. Usually I find the pot I like, pot it up and put where I think it will do best. This was fun. Don’t just plop your plant in the first pot you find in the garage, but try it in a few different pots and places to see where it looks best.

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