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Last Sunday, I decided to go to The Flower Market in Dundee, Michigan to attend their Fairy Garden Festival. I was blown away by the amount of people there. This small bonsai nursery/florist is in a rural area in the middle of nowhere. The traffic stopped about 1/2 mile from the nursery as there had been an accident right in front of their driveway. I think someone found the driveway and stopped, but the person behind him did not. But, I finally arrived and parked. As I walked in, I was greeted by some adorable fairy gardens.

This garden center is known for its bonsai, indoor and outdoor.

But on to the fairy gardens. First, you pick a container, which was free. They had several to choose from so you could construct a small, medium, or large garden. The soil and a pebble ground cover was free, as well. Then you chose your plants and accessories. I’m quite sure they have every fairy accessory ever made. There were men, women, old and young represented. Parents were there with multiple children and judging from what I saw and what I purchased, this wasn’t  an inexpensive day for anyone. But, oh the fun and memories made. This is where the future of gardening is- getting kids involved with, and loving plants and gardening. Most people were choosing indoor plants so hopefully we are also getting them loving houseplants.

I didn’t take pictures of the children or their gardens, but, did take pictures of the garden center’s examples. Cute stuff!

I chose a small container, a mini blooming begonia, a mini Boston fern, and a Pilea for a ground cover. I also added a bird house and a really cute owl figurine.


Who could resist these adorable owls?

Who could resist these adorable owls?

I added some decorative stones I had when I got home for a little extra bling. I had a great day and was so excited to see so many children involved and excited about gardening. If you have a child, grandchild, niece, or nephew, get them involved in gardening. They will love it, especially if you include fairies, gnomes, dinosaurs, or whatever it is they love.

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  1. Julia Hofley

    So true Lisa about getting kids to actually stop and notice the garden…have them make one of their own. Uncle Eric built one with each of our nieces on their birthdays and they still have those gardens and change them out seasonally. They will always remember their first garden. Must visit this Flower Market on my gardening girlfriend road trips.


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