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If you’ve been following me, you know I love gnomes. I was in a garden center last week and couldn’t resist buying some miniature houseplants. I thought they would be perfect to use to make a garden with one of my gnomes. These plants are from Faery Plant Kingdom. I have only used the Tropical Shade plants for this mini garden, as I think these will work best in the house.

The plants used are Begonia ‘Rhinestone Jean’, string of hearts-Peperomia prostrata, Fuchsia ‘Lottie Hobby’, and pixie lipstick vine-Columnea x ‘Broget Stavenger’ .  These should quite have quite similar water needs. The bowl is big, so if I need to water one a little more or less, it shouldn’t be a problem.


I had the shallow blue container already and decided it would be perfect for this project. The gnome and little mushroom are from Michael’s. I can’t remember where the chair is from but it doesn’t matter. Miniature garden accessories are everywhere. You can even pick up cute figurines at local thrift stores and garage sales. Always be on the lookout wherever you go for cute accoutrements.

I used the gnome, a chair, a mushroom, some gravel, and a piece of driftwood I found. I decided to go with a simple garden, using just a few accessories.

In the picture below, I used screen where the path will be so the stones don’t disappear into the soil.

Screen for pebble path

Screen for pebble path

I used the fuchsia for the tree. It isn’t too “tree like” right now but will be more so as time passes, as I prune it more. The begonia is used as a shrub and a little piece of wood I found for the gnome to stand on has the lipstick vine near it which can grow over it. The peperomia is used as a ground cover.


I had fun making this and love that there are now more truly miniature houseplants being sold in garden centers. These small plants would be perfect for terrariums, as well.

Here is the finished gnome garden in my home in a West window. I hope you find some of these small plants and create a miniature houseplant fairy or gnome garden for your home. This is a great project to do with kids.

Finished gnome garden in my West window

Finished gnome garden in my West window

Love that gnome!

Love that gnome!

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  1. sandra

    What a good idea to use the screen for the path. I might try something similar with my grandchildren.


      Thanks! I hate when you water the planter and the pebbles get covered with soil, so I thought this would help. Have fun with your grandchildren!

  2. Xavier

    Lisa, ever since I stumbled upon your wordpress site earlier today and read your “Plant it right” post about the LiveTrends hawthorias i’ve developed a complete respect and love for you passion for gardening! Over the last year my green thumb has exploded and unfortunately no one i know really cares for plants, not even my wife! (if anything, i drive her crazy talking about them). It means a lot to know that there’s someone out there who feels so strongly for plants as i do, even if i’m only getting started! Every time i pass a plant in a big-box store like Walmart etc. i feel so sad for the plants growing (or should i say trying to survive) that i just want to take every one of them home with me. So far i have a cactus, aloe, and succulent garden, several independent cacti, two LiveTrends hawthorias (that i will soon be repotting!!), several air plants, a pitcher plant and a venus fly trap. I love all your ideas and will be following you from here on out for ideas for future planting endeavors! Love what you’ve done with the gnome garden! 🙂


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