I don’t like to cook. I’d rather be working with my plants. Or reading a book. Or gardening. Or anything. You get the picture. So to say my dining room table gets used maybe 2-3 times a year is stretching the truth a bit. I usually use the table for anything but eating and it is usually covered with plants needing to be repotted or books to be read. So when Urban Jungle Bloggers asked to see our “Planty Tables”, I only had to clean things up a bit and take some pictures. I didn’t set the table. These are the plants that are on the table everyday minus a few, but I wanted it to be presentable.

Inherited table

I inherited this dining room set when my Grandma was moved to a nursing home. I was the only sibling with a dining room, so my Dad wanted me to have it. I said yes. I live in a 1966 colonial home, which I love, but “open concept” wasn’t a thing back then. I’m okay with that. I have a lot of things and an open concept doesn’t have a lot of walls, which I need to hang all my things. Of course, I have to have a table cloth. Grandma would like that. I have ones for all the holidays, but right now, I have the antique orange rose cloth on. It is summery and I love orange.

Terrarium on the table

Maybe I should have some people over now that I have the table cleaned off. Of course, it wouldn’t be to eat but to play board games or dominoes. And the terrariums would have to be moved. They really aren’t conducive to good conversation. But, they are pretty.

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