I have spent a lot of time away from home the last few months, including a vacation, but mostly to take care of my Mom. Needless to say, my plants have suffered a little. (My Mom is doing great, though, and that is all that matters.) My husband did the best he could, but with the sheer number of plants, it was inevitable that one or two would be missed in the watering rounds.

One of the plants that was affected was my ‘Crispy Wave’ bird’s nest fern (Asplenium nidus ‘Crispy Wave’) It was completely collapsed when I returned home last time. (Now, just to let you know, this may have happened on my watch, as well. I’m not going to lie). Anyway, it was time to groom the plant. The yellow leaves and brown ends needed to be removed. These are the things that happen when your watering practices are inconsistent.

Some old leaves on a Curly Wave bird's nest fern

Some old leaves on a ‘Crispy Wave’ bird’s nest fern Asplenium nidus ‘Crispy Wave’

The great thing was, last week, Fiskars sent me an amazing box of tools. I pulled two out that especially appealed to me, knowing I could use them for my houseplant grooming purposes. (P.S. I am not being paid to promote these tools and I wouldn’t if I didn’t like them.)

I had trimmed the leaves before, but was able, with the Fiskars pruning snips, to get in close to the area I need to trim. The normal scissors I was using hadn’t been able to get close to the base of the leaf and left a stub. Not attractive.

Some of the leaf ends had turned brown from the inconsistent watering and so needed to be trimmed. Before, I had cut them straight across with regular scissors. But the floral scissors were easier because they have rounded handles, and shorter, sharp blades to really trim the leaves better as the small size of the blades makes it easier to see what your are trimming.

The plant looks much better now and the process was made easier with the right tools. Thanks Fiskars Tools for sending me some helpful tools. P.S. The blade covers are amazing!

The finished groomed plant and the Fiskars tools I used

The finished groomed plant and the Fiskars tools I used

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