The Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden

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I wrote about traveling to Des Moines to meet Elvin McDonald earlier and now I want to show you the meeting place-The Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. The garden was a dream in 1929, but the stock market crash the same year put the dream on hold. On hold until it opened 50 years later in 1979. It is a geodesic-domed conservatory 80 feet tall and 150 feet wide, made with 665 molded Plexiglas panels. In October of 1979, Longwood Gardens of Kennet Square, PA, gifted the conservatory with a truckload of tropical plants and it officially opened in December of that same year.

Welcome to the garden

Welcome to the garden

Fast forward to February of 2016 and my visit. It is a wonderful place! Of course, meeting Elvin McDonald was the highlight, but I loved exploring the conservatory, as well.

A living wall in the entrance of the conservatory

A living wall in the entrance of the conservatory

The conservatory was full of colorful foliage and flowers.

The desert garden was beautiful with its textures and gorgeous blooms.


The signs throughout the conservatory are amazing! Such fun, and educational for kids and adults alike.

Here are a few parting pictures. I will take you to the Gardener’s Show House next time… favorite.

If you are ever near Des Moines, Iowa, make sure you stop by the botanical garden. It is beautiful!

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