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In an earlier post I took you along on my visit to the Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition (TPIE) and we saw how the show used decorating trends and plant trends together in vignettes. That was just the beginning of the show. I want to show you some new products and plants that I saw there.

The plants below were in the “New Plant and Product” section. There were many more new things to see on the show floor, but the plants in this area were there because their companies paid to have them there. This area is always a big hit at the show and their products are sure to be seen by everyone. We started here first and then continued on to the rest of the show. If you put your arrow on the picture, the names of the plants appear.

florida 368

Vriesea ‘Sparkle’

.And some more in the product area.

Check out this enormous Spathiphyllum lily!

Spathiphyllum 'Grando'

Spathiphyllum ‘Grando’

Out on the show floor, there were other plants and products to be discovered. I was on sensory overload!

New Aglaonema Not named yet, but I suggested ''Pink Frost'

New Aglaonema Not named yet, but I suggested ”Pink Frost’

Some more plants that were new or at least not that old.

Check out these new Dracaenas. I love the color combinations.

Need a particular color container? They have them all.

Need a particular color container? They have them all.

These orchid arrangements incorporate succulents and bromeliads to make stunning displays.

These clay planters captured my attention right away. The first two planters are called cocoon planters and are able to be planted.

florida 459

The detail on this cocoon planter is made to appear like coral.

florida 461

Rose detail on this cocoon planter

This planter below is called the pollen planter. Each hanging piece is made to resemble in some way a grain of pollen. Obviously, they used air plants in these, as the hole is very small. I like the air plants. The bottom piece is a bell. I really loved this planter. I think I may need one…..

florida 460

Hanging pollen planter

There were so many new things to see, I was overwhelmed. I definitely needed another day, but was very thankful  to be there for one day. I hoped you enjoyed this walk through the show to see some of the plants and products that you can be looking for in a garden center near you. I have so much more to show you, but that is for another post.

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  1. joel

    Great post, the slide shows give us a true sense of the variety at the show, I want a albuca frizzle sizzle. Thanks!

  2. Rebecca

    Great Pictures!!!! Thanks.




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