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It has been said , “It’s a jungle out there”, but I’m here to tell you, it’s a jungle IN here! Any guest that enters my home is amazed by the amount of plants and calls it a jungle.  There are plants everywhere! But when my black cat wanders in, looking like a panther, they really think they’re in a jungle. Here are some pics of not only Louis, the black kitty, but my other kitties, as well.

So when Urban Jungle Bloggers asked for posts that included the animals in your jungle, I knew I had to include my kitties, as well as all the animal related things I collect.


To further the jungle or tropical theme, I recently rearranged my formal living room, as they called it in the 60s when this house was built, to include my flamingo and other tropical bird collections. I was gifted some bentwood chairs and recovered them in tropical material which has orchids and other flowers on it. I still need a different couch or may recover the one I have. I love that tropical feel. It doesn’t really fit into my house, but I don’t care. I like what I like and mix themes. Rustic, tropical, country, cottage; you’ll find it all here; of course, surrounded by 100’s of plants. They soften the edges and blur the lines between all these different themes.

In my living room I have a lot of flamingos and other birds.

In my living room I have a lot of flamingos and other birds.

This parrot planter was my Grandmother's

This parrot planter was my Grandmother’s

I also have always loved birds of any kind and have many planters that incorporate birds. Here is a slide show of those because there are so many of them. You’ll notice they aren’t filled with plants. I like to keep them pristine. Some of these planters were my grandma’s. And, I am a big proponent of drainage holes and don’t want to drill holes in the antique planters.


I also add owls and gnomes to my houseplants. Have a little fun with your plants. It may be a little much sometimes, but they are my plants, in my house, and so I do what makes me happy. You should too!

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  1. Angela

    Thanks so much for sharing your urban jungle!
    Love the kitties and decorations in the pics:)
    I especially enjoyed the planters, beautiful!!!
    Love your collection of houseplant, wishing I can have the green thumb!
    I am working on it:)
    With your collectioin of houseplants how do you keep up with watering them or know which ones need watering?


      Thanks Angela, Everyone can have a green thumb, just pick the right plant! Good luck.

  2. Yvonne

    Wow, love your living room style! And the cats, of course =^x^=


      Thanks, Yvonne!


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