Gardening On The Wall: A Continuing Trend

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I saw many things at the Tropical Plant Industry Exibition (TPIE) but a recurring theme was the vertical wall displays. This certainly isn’t a fad that is going away anytime soon. It is an amazingly beautiful way to have plants in your home, even if you are short on floor space. Here are a few that I saw.

florida 446

This wall has a reservoir for water so that it doesn’t drip on the floor when watering.

As we all know, pallets are being used for everything from tables, to signs, to just about anything anyone can dream up. They also make great vertical plant holders.

There were walls of orchids……


Multi color orchids hung together like a curtain


Who wouldn’t want a wall/curtain of orchids?

Walls of Tillandsias……..

florida 497

A display of Tillandsias


Check out that color!


Love this display

And walls and walls of houseplants!

Exotic Angel plants display

Exotic Angel plants display

Maybe you need to make a wall without using drywall. Why not a wall of plants?

If you don’t have room for a large living wall, why not use a small decorative wall green house. I think this is so cute. The designer was trying to figure out how he could put a small light inside.

A wall green house-Love it!

A wall green house-Love it!

I don’t think this design concept is going away anytime soon and it is obvious why. These are so cool. Do you have a living wall? Tell me about it in the comments.

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