Today is Houseplant Appreciation Day, which of course is every day for me. There isn’t a day that goes by in my house that one or many houseplants aren’t being taken care of. The sheer number of them makes this necessary. The thing is, I love it! Houseplants are proven to clean the air, make one happy, and lower blood pressure. We have very clean air in our home.

Sentimental houseplants

There is no denying that houseplants are a large part of my life. My house is full and overflowing with them. I got this love from my Mom and grandma.

Grandma's East window in her kitchen full of African violets

Grandma’s East window in her kitchen full of African violets

My grandma could grow amazing African violets. Don’t you love the margarine tubs for saucers? They actually are pretty.

Over 30 year old fern

Over 30 year old fern

This fern is from a piece of a plant my Mom received at her wedding shower in 1957. My great grandma gave it to her and my Mom still has her plant and I’ve had mine for over 30 years. I love the stories behind family houseplants. While visiting my Aunt a couple of years ago, I was given a piece of this true Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii) that also was from my great grandma.

My Aunt's Christmas cactus.

My Aunt’s Christmas cactus.

Holiday decorating with plants

I have always loved plants and I even use them for holiday decorating. Doesn’t everybody?

Houseplant fun

I like gnomes, owls, ladybugs, and birds, so they end up in my plants. Have fun with your houseplants!

Flowers everywhere

Almost any day of the year, somewhere I have something blooming. It could be an amaryllis, a begonia, an orchid, or an African violet.

Houseplant projectsww

I also make things for my houseplants . I make macrame hangers, frames for my miniature orchids, and I even painted pots for my bunco prizes, which of course were plants.

The point is, on this day for houseplants, is that I really do appreciate them and they bring me happiness and make my life better. I hope you have found a houseplant or two or more that do the same for you. If not, now is the time to get one and see how it will make your life happier and your air cleaner.

Happy Houseplant Appreciation Day!

Happy Houseplant Appreciation Day!

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