Today, the day before Houseplant Appreciation Day, I went to a houseplant and plant accessory sale in Detroit. It was hosted by The Peacock Room. Lisa Waud, of Pot and Box was the master mind behind this great event and you may recognize her name from  Flower House. There were many other vendors there including Green Daffodil from Ferndale. She makes vegan soap, lotions, and more. I might have bought a really awesome vintage leaf bracelet from Livin Vintage….There were pots, jewelry, clothes, and of course, houseplants, houseplants, and more houseplants! People were grabbing them left and right and Lisa was almost sold out when I left at 12. I love it ! Everyone should have some houseplants.

The Green Daffodil from Ferndale had some great things!

The Green Daffodil from Ferndale had some great things!

The houseplants were the star of the show-of course.

There were also so many botanically themed items, like table cloths, vintage clothes, vintage purses, and even some boxed terrariums from the 70s. It was so fun! Bren Haas and I did a Blab about the sale which you can see below.


From the sale I went to Belle Isle to the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, one of my favorite places.

I had a lovely day in Detroit, shopping, meeting new people, and enjoying the beautiful plants at Belle Isle.

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