Have You Seen Franklin Park Conservatory’s Spooky Forgotten Greenhouse?

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I spent the weekend with my nephew and his family near Columbus. While there, I visited Franklin Park Conservatory on Sunday afternoon. For the Halloween season, they have a display called Scary Plants in the Dorothy M. Davis Showhouse. It was so creative and the kids were loving it! It is so important to get kids involved with plants. Here are some pictures of the display.

The Forgotten Greenhouse

The first section was The Forgotten Greenhouse. It had an old cupboard filled with plant trays, a potting bench, and plants taking over the area. The star of this display was the sensitive plant. The kids and adults were having a great time making the leaves fold up.

The Enchanted Forest

The next section is called The Enchanted Forest andĀ  “the lady of the ferns” was sleeping comfortably among the ferns. Here is a behind the scenesĀ video made by Franklin Park showing the making of the topiary lady of the ferns. So amazing!

The Carnivorous Wonder Room

The next room had carnivorous plants. When we have tours for the kids at the Belle Isle Conservatory, the kids love the fly eating plants, especially the little boys.


The Olde Cemetery

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Halloween display without a cemetery.

This display is still at the conservatory through this week. If you live close, make sure you check it out. Take the kids. They’ll love it!

Remember, visit your local conservatory and often. You never know what you ‘ll find. Maybe a lady sleeping in the ferns.

Have a wonderful Halloween!

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