Living Wall at Planterra Conservatory

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If you haven’t been to Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield, Michigan,  you need to visit. This conservatory is amazing and full of gorgeous plants. The conservatory is used not only as a house for plants, but as a beautiful venue to have a special event, meeting, or  wedding.

When you walk in the first thing that grabs your attention is the huge walls made of caged rocks and the fountains spouting from them. But the piece de resistance is the huge living wall at the back of the conservatory. It is gorgeous! And, I was told it is the largest living wall in Michigan.

Living wall at Planterra Greenhouse

Living wall at Planterra Greenhouse

Yes, all those plants are real! They include bromeliads, ferns, spider plants, staghorn ferns, and orchids.

The bromeliads and orchids make the wall colorful and breaks up the green.

Bromeliad with Oncidium orchids

Bromeliad with Oncidium orchids

I had to take a picture of this huge Monstera leaf even thought it wasn’t in the living wall.

Monstera leaf

Monstera leaf

If you need an afternoon out and need a bit of green, head for West Bloomfield and enjoy a stroll through the conservatory that is Planterra. This will definitely be the place to go this winter.

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