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Last weekend my husband and I went up North in Michigan for a quick weekend getaway. We stopped by Plant Master’s of Sutton’s Bay, a small town near Traverse City. I had to stop….the sign said Houseplants! And boy, do they have houseplants! There were a couple I had never seen before, a striped Sansevieria similar to ‘Bentel’s Sensation’, and a spiral cactus. Yes, I was in houseplant heaven.

Ceropegia or sting of hearts vine bloooming

Ceropegia or sting of hearts vine bloooming

Succulents are certainly the “in” plant right now. Here in Michigan, other than Sempervivums or hardy hens and chicks, they all become houseplants in the fall and winter.

The Bromeliad flowers were stunning!

Check out this lipstick vine…..

I love how they use their houseplants in outside containers and show you how. Their signage was great!

Remember to check out your local independent garden center. That’s where you find the unusual plants. I’m a collector, so I’m looking for the new and different.


I could have spent at the very least, $100.00 on houseplants. The problem was, my husband was in the truck……with the money…… and he really would like me to cut down on the number of houseplants in the house….so….no plants for me. Booooo…..

Maybe next time. Lesson learned: don’t take your husband shopping with you for houseplants. Check.

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