live trends haworthia 042I saw this little Haworthia in this orange container and it was a definite must have for me. I bought it up north in Mt. Pleasant while visiting my Mom. I forgot it on her refrigerator and left it there about a month. I recently brought it home and decided it was time to check it and water it. I took the top layer of moss off because I like to see the soil to  determine if a plant needs water or not.

The picture below is what I found. There was no top layer of moss. The whole container was full of moss! Where is the soil?! There was none to be found.

live trends haworthia 041So these little containers have no soil, just a bunch of moss and little plant plug. I don’t understand how a succulent is expected to live in a pot full of moss. I did look at the Live Trends website and the directions say to water the plant with 2 ounces of water once a month.  I guess I’m not the average person, and I’m definitely okay with that. When I called Live Trends to ask them about these magnets they said they are intended for the average person to buy and take care of.

live trends haworthia 046In the picture above, you can see the ball of moss that was tightly packed in the container, thus the round shape.

live trends haworthia 043

This poor plant has no soil, just moss.

The first thing I did was drill a hole in the container. I recently bought a $16.00 diamond drill bit and it is the best. If I have a container wlive trends haworthia 047ithout a drainage hole, I make surrepotting live trends 003e it gets one. I also put a piece of screen over the hole so the water can run through, but the soil stays in.






I then got everything together, ready to re-pot.

repotting live trends 001

Everything I need to re-pot the plant.

When I was getting ready to re-pot the small Haworthia, I realized there was something wrapped around the plug roots. I cut it off and it looks like a piece of landscape fabric, but it is white.

live trends haworthia 045

Haworthia plug



repotting live trends 006

Piece of white fabric-like material wrapped around the plug roots.

Now, to be fair, I was at Lowe’s and saw these for sale again, and I had to have the yellow and green one, with different Haworthias.


When I removed the moss from this one, it was potted in a plastic pot inside the yellow container. This is way better than the moss only container.

lynns plants and living trends 057Now, I do have to disagree with the “place anywhere” and “water with 2 oz. of water once every two weeks”. I would place this somewhere with bright light and I never agree with watering on a schedule. It depends on the light it receives and the temperature. I feel the soil before watering. But, at least the ones in their own pots can be removed, watered and left to drain before returning them to their grow containers or as they say in France: cache-pot (hiding a pot).

Okay, so I re-potted the orange one with soil and a hole in the container. I haven’t re-potted the other two, but I will. I have no idea why one set of planters was planted with only moss and the other ones with soil. Different growers? I have no clue. When I called and talked to someone at Living Trends, they seemed to think they were only sold in the small grow pots. I don’t think they had a clue what I was talking about when I asked them why they were only planted in moss. She said hers has been living since last fall.

Below is my orange plant on the right, re-potted and on the refrigerator and on the left the green and yellow ones, without the moss, waiting to be re-potted. (Yes, I have a lot of magnets…don’t go there.)

I really only want people to be successful with houseplants. If they die from being drowned in a pot with no drainage and wrong growing media, failure may turn people off from growing plants. Not a good thing. Maybe I’m too critical. I hate when one of my plants die. Maybe most people don’t care….. What about you? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


I decided to hang my magnets in the sun room. I used a Dollar Store cookie sheet, painted it with Rustoleum and hung it on the wall.

Living Trends magnets on metal tray

Living Trends magnets on metal tray

Living Trends plant magnets

Living Trends plant magnets

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