I’m excited to be part of the Growing Now Garden Tour hosted by Beth Billstrom at More Than Oregano. You too, can be part of this blog hop. All the information you need is at the links shared above.

So what is growing in my garden this week. I have two types of bleeding heart blooming in my garden today. Outside, I have the  Dicentra ‘Gold Heart‘ blooming. I also have the original green one blooming, but after the gold one came onto the market I was not as enamoured with the original. The bright green color really brightens up a dark spot in your shade garden.

This gorgeous plant grows on the North side of the house and is in a corner that basically only gets sun in the morning. .Bleeding hearts grow best  with morning or East sun. If they are in too much sun, they die down in the heat of the summer. Mine on the North side, stay up through the summer.

The second bleeding heart blooming today is in my home and is a houseplant for me. (I’m The Houseplant Guru, so of course, I included a houseplant) It is called the bleeding heart vine or Clerodendrum thomsoniae. This is a tropical vine and I grow mine in my sun room. You can find these in your local independent garden centers at this time of year in the tropical plant section. They may come on a trellis or as a hanging basket and it will bloom all summer. It can be used as the “spiller” in a container or it is beautiful enough to stand by itself.

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