Hollywood Houseplants

by | May 12, 2015 | 1 comment

I bet it would shock you to know that when I watch television, I always notice the houseplants on the sets. (I notice houseplants everywhere.) Quite often, they are unrealistic looking, wrongly placed plants, but it is hard to find a set without at least one plant. Hollywood gets it that houseplants make homes and businesses more cozy and homey.

Columbo orchid solarium set

I’m staying with my Mom for the week and we watch a lot of TV. She has recently discovered a channel that shows old mystery programs such as ‘Murder She Wrote’ and ‘Diagnosis Murder’. We’ve been watching Columbo. I love Peter Falk! So when the episode called ‘The Greenhouse Jungle’ came on, I was thrilled! Made in 1972, it was about a botanist that was the killer. ┬áHe has an amazing orchid greenhouse that I realize is a set but still awesome. (Excuse the quality of the pictures, as they are pictures of the television.)

Columbo and the killer botanist

I especially liked when Columbo brought his wife’s African violet to the botanist to save…..he said it was dead which it obviously is. In the end, Columbo brings back a nice African violet and said his wife brought it back to life. Lol!

Columbo’s wife’s African violet

These old mystery shows are awesome! I loved the 70’s vibe and the way they figure out who “did it” without cell phones, finger prints, or computers.

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  1. Barbara

    Hi Lisa, I’m with you on noticing plants everywhere even on TV! Funny how you notice things like plants when they are on your mind, which for me is constantly. Great post!!!


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