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Baker's Acres Plants getting their new digs.

Baker’s Acres Plants getting their new digs.

I spent today doing my favorite thing:  re-potting houseplants. I have been to a couple of greenhouses in the last few weeks and picked up some new houseplants. One of my favorite places is Baker’s Acres Greenhouse in Alexandria, Ohio. I went to Columbus last weekend to visit my nephew and niece and also went to the Franklin Park Conservatory. On the way out of town, I stopped at Baker’s Acres. Find their website here.    

As soon as I arrive I head right for the begonia table. They have the most amazing collection of begonias. I bought quite a few and today I planted them all in decorative pots. As they weren’t root bound, I didn’t up-pot them, just re-potted. As you can see, I usually choose green pots. It IS the color that goes with everything and my favorite.

All re-potted and happy!

All re-potted and happy!

I just love the foliage colors and varieties. I bought Snoopy, Amber Glow, Cowardly Lion, gehrtii, Dr. Block, Golden Glow, and Caravan. I picked up a ribbon bush, Homalocladium platycladum, a Tripogandra ‘ Glass Beach’, and a Euphorbia. (I hope my husband doesn’t read this…..) It never fails that I find many new things I can’t live without at Baker’s Acres. And a big plus, both Chris and Nancy were there. They are the owners and you couldn’t find two nicer or fun people!! So if you are in the Columbus area, make sure you make the trip to Baker’s Acres, and, don’t forget your checkbook, cash, and your first born child. You’ll need it all!

Baker's acres catalog cover 004

A very fun read! Don’t miss it!

When I went to the Chicago Flower and Garden Show in March, I got into a lot of trouble in the Marketplace. Ted’s Greenhouse, from Tinley Park, Illinois was a vendor. Wow! The array of cactus and succulents was amazing. I bought Dorstenias, four varieties of Euphorbia, a Sansevieria, a Myrmecodia, a Pedilanthus, and a Hoya. And the best part, I spent under $40 for 11 plants. It was unbelievable. I did not visit their greenhouse but was so glad they came to Navy Pier. When I get to Chicago again, they are first on my list. Visit their website here.


The fun of going to a new greenhouse and seeing what interesting things you can find cannot be beat. It is one of my favorite things to do. When you are traveling, make sure to stop by the local IGC (Independent Garden Center) and see what you can find. The unique plants you discover won’t be at the big boxes.

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