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I had a fabulous day today. My gardening friend from Ohio, Brenda Haas, came up and we visited some independent garden centers, the Michigan Orchid Show, and ended up at the Novi Home and Garden show, where I spoke at the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association garden stage. What a fabulous plant geek day! Since I am all about the houseplants, I’ll show you some of the orchids from the show and  houseplants I saw at the IGC.

Ivy topiary surrounded with golden baby’s tears and a Tillandsia xerographica in the glass ball

I loved the topiary above and check out these framed wall planters, left,  filled with a fern and a trailing philodendron.

Gorgeous succulent

On to the Michigan Orchid Society show……(To find out about the Michigan Orchid Society, see their website here.)

This sign greeted us as we walked in from a COLD Michigan day. And we proceeded on to the show….

There were so many orchids, we couldn’t take it all in! And some of the displays smelled heavenly. I’m going to show you some of my favorites and you can see the rest on my Pinterest page.

Paphiopedilum malipoense

Epidendrum ‘Princess Valley’ x ‘Nathan Kwan’


Oda. Harry Baldwin ‘Orange King’

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook page, you know that orange flowers are my favorite. Well, this orchid was so gorgeous! The best thing about going to the judged show first, is that you then can see what you want to buy in the sale room. Unfortunately, the owner of this orchid told me that if he had one to sell, which he didn’t, it would be $100 or more. Well, this picture is lovely and the only way I’m going to remember this orchid! Yikes!

Oda. (George McMahon x Shelley) x Golden Frost

His yellow one above,  in the same display wasn’t too shabby, either…..

Oda. Drummer Joe ‘Elana’
Ascocentrum miniatum
Aerangis lueteoalba
Ons. catatante ‘Pacific Sunspots’

I was taking pictures of the orchid to the right, and was admiring it for its unique color and beauty. The owner walked up and had brought along her family to enjoy the show. Her granddaughter was so proud of her and she was so nonchalant about the fact that she was growing spectacular orchids.

Orchid in a shell arrangement

The orchid show includes a flower arrangement section. I couldn’t cut my orchids to use them in an arrangement, but they are beautiful.

Another orchid arrangement
Phrag. Suzanne Decker
Slc. Crystelle Smith (Sc. Beaufort x C. loddigesii)
Lc. Granier’s Blue Dream ‘Gran Susan’

I hope you enjoyed this quick tour through the orchid show and garden center. It was a wonderful day, enjoyed with someone who loves plants, too. Find a gardening friend, (or two or three),  and take a garden road trip. It was a great way to spend a cold, spring day in Michigan! 

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  1. Bren Haas

    So much fun yesterday…. I can’t wait to come back to experience gardening in Michigan with you again. Thank you so much for everything Lisa! This was totally a day to remember. ((hugs))

    • Lisa Eldred Steinkopf

      Thanks so much, Bren! You are welcome anytime and I can’t wait to see your garden and the Ohio garden centers!


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