Aloe arborescens

(When I posted this to the Planet Aloe page on Facebook, I was corrected by some members about the identification of this plant. I never would have questioned a botanical garden, but may have to do that in the future. So, I have changed the post to correct the mistake.)
I visited the conservatory at Matthaei Botanical gardens a couple of weeks ago. When I entered the desert room, I was immediately drawn to this flowering Aloe plant. Not only do I love succulents, but I really love orange flowers. This Aloe is from SE Africa. The name aloe is from the Greek alsos and refers to the bitter juice from the leaves of these plants. The  Latin word arborescens means tree-forming or tree-like, even though this plant certainly isn’t tree like.  The common name krantz aloe refers to where it grows in its natural habitat, a krantz being a rocky ridge or cliff. The plants become large clumps in their natural habitat, and even in the conservatory it takes up a large area. The whole plant is impressive, but the flowers close-up are beautiful. 
Once again, I’m going to encourage you to visit your nearest conservatory. You never know what you will encounter. Hopefully,  gorgeous flowers such as these. Take the time to really “look” at the flowers up close and personal. 

Aloe arborescens-Close-up of the flower

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